Arabic Dictionary

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About App

The Arabic Mobile Dictionary & Common Phrase app is comprehensive and very useful for anyone traveling to Arabic speaking countries or regions or expecting to speak with Arabic speakers! “LISTEN, LEARN, SAY IT AS IT READS, SEARCH, ASK A NATIVE!”

  • Over a thousand searchable English-to-Arabic words & translations
  • Over a thousand searchable Arabic to-English words & translations
  • Full audio for phrases in need-to-know categories: basics, food, travel, shopping, money, & proverbs. Recorded by true Arabs in the correct tone & annunciation
  • Arabic Alphabet with full audio!

Have a question? Want to know the meaning of something you once heard or read? “Ask A Native!”


“Local Maps, Currency & Weather”

  • Map and Street View – See before you go!! Zoom into to any location and look at actual building fronts! Navigate 360 degree views of the street. See where you need to be before going there! See maps views of Arabic countries and cities.
  • Currency Converter – Use live conversion rates to convert between local and any world currency.
  • Weather Forecast & Radar – See local weather and live radar for any number of world locations.
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