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the HOTTEST SICKEST dance moves and dancers

About App

See the hottest sickest dance moves that exist. Find the wildest dance forms and keep them with you all the time to watch or choreograph with! Share with other dancers or enthusiasts and collaborate or enjoy! Take the joy of dance with you everywhere with “Dance Vidz” for your phone!

Start with over 100 extremely entertaining videos in categories like “Hip Hop”, “Belly Dance”, “Latin”, “Jazz”, “Ballet”, “Flamenco”, “Freestyle”, “Ballroom”, “Swing”, “Afro-Carib”, and “Folk”. Look for the latest and most breathtaking dance videos in the “Featured” category. Dance Vidz allows you to see and collect the most visually stunning dance routines. See mind blowing popping and the high energy and attitude of “Hip Hop”. Send snippets of outrageous “Belly” dance to your friends. Watch the incredible drama of “Flamenco”. Marvel at the impossible in “Freestyle” and “Featured”. Leap and shake with “Ballet”, “Jazz”, “Swing” and ‘Afro-Carib” numbers! Alternatively swoon and explode to the fire of “Latin” and “Ballroom” dancing. Steal moves from “Folk” dances. If you want to see dances in other categories, just find them on and add them to your playlists! You can always create and add your own lists of videos as well as share entire playlists from with Dance Vidz!

Dance Vidz is the first application that enables you to see and express yourself using slick dance videos from YouTube. Use suggested videos or choose from videos you collect yourself. Dance Vidz lets you take your collection with you and use it anywhere and anytime to email, Twitter or Facebook your favorite dance moves from your iPhone or iPod or iPad.

Dance Vidz is very easy to use. It comes with the 12 preset video categories: Hip Hop, Featured, Belly, Freestyle, Latin, Jazz, Swing, Ballet, Ballroom, Flamenco, Afro-Carib, and Folk. For each of the 12 categories Dance Vidz comes with a “Suggested Playlist” containing 8 – 10 videos. While these “Suggested Playlists” are free YouTube videos collected by fun loving and dramatic people like yourself, you are still the best judge of how you are feeling. We recommend that you create your own playlists on YouTube and connect them to any or all of the Dance Vidz categories.

Whether you are a dancer, very dramatic person or just someone who likes to watch, Dance Vidz enables you to see and show everything you might want about dance in a fun and colorful application on your mobile device!

  • Get the latest dance craze and videos with just one tap of your phone.
  • With over 100 videos form these categories including “Hip Hop”, “Belly Dance”, “Latin”, “Jazz”, “Ballet”, “Flamenco”, “Freestyle”, “Ballroom”, “Swing”, “Afro-Carib”, and “Folk”.
  • Sync your playlist from YouTube to the app.
  • Share the videos via Twitter, Facebook and even via email on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Dancing has never been this accessible and cool.
  • Import friends playlists directly
  • iPad sizing
  • Upgrade to iOS 5
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