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Get emotional with EmotiVidz! Words are ok, emoticons are fun but EmotiVidz are ultra cool. The best way to tease your friends, share moods and feelings or update status on Facebook or Twitter is with funny or dramatic videos that show people, animals or cartoons acting like you are feeling.

With EmotiVidz you can actually show how you are feeling instead of describing it in your message! Show or share extremely entertaining videos in categories
like “Crazy”, “Shocked”, “Mad”, “Happy”, “Smitten”, “Hott”, “Embarrassed”, “Frustrated”, “Scared”, “Sad”, “Bored” and “Like This”. EmotiVidz lets you tell your story or tease your friends in any possible situation. Nothing can entertain and say “happy” like a pygmy goat kid jumping around in joy. Send snippets of “crazy” commercials. Show someone how “smitten” they are with you with the mushiest or the most elegant videos of people in love. Choose from the most riotous videos of cats or people or cartoons jumping in the air in “shocked” surprise. Show your friends how “hott” you are with video snippets of their favorite stars. Tease them about how “hott” they are with videos of zoo animals. Only a chimp or toddler video can show how “mad” you are and what a tantrum you can throw. Want to show a mood that is not one of the categories listed above? Look in the “Like This” category and you are more than likely to find it. If you don’t, you can always create and add your own lists of videos to choose from with EmotiVidz!

EmotiVidz is the first application that enables you to express yourself using entertaining and dramatic videos from YouTube. Use suggested videos or choose from videos you collect yourself. EmotiVidz lets you take your collection with you and use it anywhere and anytime to email, Facebook or Twitter what you are feeling from your iPhone or iPod or iPad.

EmotiVidz is very easy to use. It comes with the 12 preset video categories. For each of the 12 categories EmotiVidz comes with a “Suggested Playlist” containing 8 – 10 videos.

Whether you are a very dramatic person or just someone who likes to occasionally express yourself, EmotiVidz enables you to show everything you might want to show about your mood in a fun and colorful application on your mobile device!

  • Turn your emotions in cartoonized videos.
  • Choose from varied videos of animals or cartoonized videos of emtions showing and of the following emotions “Crazy”, “Shocked”, “Mad”, “Happy”, “Smitten”, “Hott”, “Embarrassed”, “Frustrated”, “Scared”, “Sad”, “Bored”.
  • Easy to sync videos from your YouTube video choices.
  • Suggested playlists are ready for you to use containing 8-10 videos.
  • Express yourself today and share it to your friends with the Emotividz App!
  • Single screen navigation
  • iPad dimensioning
  • Fetch and attach playlists from any Youtube friend or channel

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