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About App

Celebrate your Christian Faith! Learn about and practice your Faith anywhere any time with video about all aspects of the Christian faith! Whether you like to pray, meditate, read or learn about it, the Faith application enables you to instantly see and collect video about the Christian faith and take it with you wherever and whenever you might want it!

Watch inspiring videos about Faith or learn about the various aspects of Christian faith with videos in categories like “Prayer”, “Scripture”, “Teaching”, “Pilgrimage”, “Performance”, and “Work” … no matter what denomination you belong to and even if you are in the car or just sharing with friends. View and collect videos of the most important Christian prayers including the “The Lord’s Prayer”, “Draw Me Close To You”, “In Christ Alone” and “All To Jesus I Surrender”. Read and recite along with videos on the bible and various Psalms and Hymns. Watch lectures on the Bible and the Christian faith by acclaimed preachers or teachers like Mother Teresa. Experience virtual pilgrimages and visit all the major sacred Christian destinations on video. See and collect videos of the most devotional performances of dance, music and other arts. Find and participate virtually in Christiantiy related social and charity works as well as festival events. You can even practice your Rosary with the “Rosary” module using a virtual Rosary or consult the Christian calendar. You can now do all of this and share it with your family with Faith!

Faith is the first portable video channel of inspiring and educational user collected videos about the Christian faith. Faith delivers YouTube videos chosen by you to your iPhone or iPod in a dedicated mobile application.

Faith is very easy to use. It comes with the 7 preset video categories: “Prayer”, “Scripture”, “Teaching”, “Pilgrimage”, “Performance”, “Meditation” and “Work”. For each of the 7 categories Faith comes with a “Suggested Playlist” containing 8 – 10 videos. While these “Suggested Playlists” are free YouTube videos curated with the various aspects of the Christian faith in mind, you know your interests and faith best. We recommend that you create your own playlists on YouTube and connect them to any or all of the Faith categories. Faith also comes with “Rosary” and “Calendar” categories. The Rosary module provides virtual Rosary beads while the Calendar module provides an interactive Christian calendar.

Whether you are already very learned, a beginner or just like to keep your faith close at hand, Faith enables you to take everything you might want to see or do with you wherever you go in a beautiful and serene application on your mobile phone!

  • Faith is an app perfect for anyone who likes to pray, meditate and learn anywhere.
  • Collect videos and create your own playlists according to your needs.
  • Watch pre-selected videos about the Christian faith in categories like “Prayer”, “Scripture”, “Teaching”, “Pilgrimage” among others.
  • Sync your YouTube playlist for meditation and have it ready using the Faith App.
  • Rosary module and calendar module is also available depending on your choice.
  • Faith is the first portable video channel of inspiring and educational user collected videos about the Christian faith.
  • Worship module – light a candle, put a droplet of holy water or put incense on any picture as worship. Use any picture from the web, your camera role or just take a picture with your device camera
  • Back button fix on video tile screen

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