Lil’ Buddy

Edutainment for toddlers: MAKE the Internet play NICELY with your Toddler!
About App
Parent-curated any time anywhere video edutainment for toddlers. Lil’ Buddy is the first parent controlled portable video channel that delivers YouTube videos approved by you to your toddler via a mobile application for your iPhone or iPod.

Let your child learn Nursery Rhymes, Colors, Animals, Alphabets and Numbers … even in the car. Gently lull your child to sleep with one or more of the best lullaby videos at bedtime. Make nap time, bath time and meal time easy for everyone by letting your toddler see funny videos of other children performing these and other daily activities. And wouldn’t your little sweetheart absolutely love to watch her or his favorite Cartoons anytime and anywhere? You can now do all of this with Lil’ Buddy!

Lil’ Buddy is very easy to use. It comes with the 8 preset video categories Lullabies, Nursery Rhymes, Colors, Numbers, Alphabets, Animals, Daily Activities and Cartoons. For each of the 8 categories Lil’ Buddy comes with a “Suggested Playlist” containing 8 – 10 videos. While these “Suggested Playlists” are free YouTube videos curated with parental concerns in mind, you are the best judge of your child’s needs. We recommend that you create your own playlists on YouTube and connect them to any or all of the Lil’ Buddy categories.

Lil’ Buddy now also has a doodle module where your child can doodle and color and save it to show you!

With these capabilities, Lil’ Buddy enables you to provide your toddler with a secure and extremely engaging learning and entertainment companion for different activities and delights … no matter where you are!

  • Lil-budy is a great edu-tainment app for the kids.
  • Parents who are looking to teach their kids with fun are the perfect user for this.
  • Kids can learn Nursery Rhymes, Colors, Animals, Alphabets and Numbers.
  • There are also videos for lullabies especially when putting the kids to sleep.
  • You can sync your own YouTube playlists of educational videos and song videos on your phone via the Lil’ Buddy app.
  • Lil Buddy includes a doodle module perfect for your kid.
  • Fetch friends’, teachers’, schools’ playlists directly and attach to your categories.

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