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About App
Watch fantastic Parkour anywhere any time! Now Parkour can really happen anywhere whether you like to do it or just watch it!

Watch mind blowing Parkour tricks or learn about them with videos in categories like “Best Of”, “History”, “Wild New”, “Ads With”, “Learn”, and “Crashes”… even if you are in the car, on the bus or at your Parkour site. Be inspired by seeing the absolute hottest in Parkour with videos of the most astonishing runs. Check out the wildest new manoeuvres, styles and offshoots of Parkour. Watch the whackiest incorporations of Parkour in advertisements and movies. Understand history and terminology of Parkour with video introductions and interviews. Learn and hone your Parkour techniques by watching training videos created by founders and other great teachers of Parkour. Analyze Parkour crash videos to see what not to do. You can now do all of this instantly with Parkour Vidz!

Parkour Vidz is the first portable channel of exciting user collected Parkour videos that delivers YouTube videos chosen by you to your iPhone or iPod in a dedicated mobile application.

Parkour Vidz is very easy to use. It comes with the 6 preset video categories: Best Of, History, Wild New, Ads With, Learn, and Crashes. For each of the 6 categories Parkour comes with a “Suggested Playlist” containing 8 – 10 videos. While these “Suggested Playlists” are free YouTube videos curated with Parkour enthusiasts in mind, you are the best judge of your interests. We recommend that you create your own playlists on YouTube and connect them to any or all of the Parkour Vidz categories.

Whether you are an expert, a learner or just like to watch, Parkour Vidz enables you to take everything you might want to see about Parkour no matter where you go in a fun and colorful application on your mobile phone!

  • Get the latest parkour and freerunning craze and videos with just one tap of your phone.
  • With over 100 videos form these categories including “Best Of”, “History”, “Wild New”, “Ads With”, “Learn”, and “Crashes”
  • Learn parkour using this app and by watching videos featured on the app.
  • Sync your playlist from YouTube to the app.
  • Share the videos via Twitter, Facebook and even via email on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Learning parkour has never been this accessible and cool.
  • Fetch friends playlists and view
  • iPad dedicated screen dimensioning

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