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About App
In Sicily the language is not Italian but Sicilian, “Sicilianu” to be exact. The Sicilian Dictionary & Common Phrase app is comprehensive and of great utility for those traveling, wondering what “that word” means, and for those tired of buying or carrying bulky books!


  • Over 1750 searchable English-to-Sicilian words & translations
  • Over 1870 searchable Sicilian-to-English words & translations
  • Full audio for phrases in need-to-know categories: basics, food, travel, shopping, money, & proverbs. Recorded by true Sicilians in the correct tone & annunciation
  • Sicilian Alphabet with full audio!
  • Have a question, want to know the meaning of something you once heard or read? “Ask A Sicilian!
  • 800 phrases with audio
  • Search by word, part of speech or category such as food, insult, family, entertainment, business, travel
  • Sicilianu Lifestyle with Sicilian wallpaper, magazines and culture

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